Scrub Squares

Reusable & Sustainable Cleaning Pads


Say hello to your kitchen's new best friend!

Scrub Square is a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable sponges. These hard-working scrubbing and cleaning pads are perfect for everyday cleaning tasks all around the house.

Scrub Square is a double-sided cleaning pad, featuring a tough scrubbing and scouring side, perfect for cleaning stubborn stuck-on messes, and a premium checkered microfiber weave on the other side for wiping and washing.

The best part? These long-lasting squares can be put in the washing machine and reused time and time again!

  • The Scrub Square replaces traditional sponges, scouring pads, disposable wiping cloths, paper towels, brushes, and more!
  • Save money (and the environment) with a more sustainable solution—traditional disposable sponges need to be replaced monthly!
  • Scrub Square's checkered side is safe on almost all surfaces including, cast iron, countertops, tiles, sinks, non-stick pans, ceramic stove tops, and glass.
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine (check our care instructions).
  • Size: 6" x 6"
  • Available in 3-pack and 6-pack
  • Wash before first use - see our care instructions
  • Rinse cloth after every use to remove any food scraps or debris
  • If the cloth is heavily soiled, a gentle hand wash is recommended with a small squirt of dish soap
  • Wring out and hang dry between uses
  • Use caution when washing sharp edges (knives, etc.)
  • To prevent your cloths from bacteria buildup (aka getting stinky), we recommend laundering frequently
  • Launder with like, microfiber items in cold water
  • Use a premium laundry detergent 
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not launder with bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets

Customer Reviews

Based on 187 reviews

I love these squares. Better than the usual sponges. They clean well. The scrubber side doesn't scratch. Throw them in the washer. I highly recommend the scrub square.

Lori Filstrup
Another Winner!

I've been meaning to leave a review because these cloths have been a game-changer for me. It's been so nice to be able to reach for this wonderful cloth and save time and a lot of elbow grease, because they're just that good. So far, I've used them to get into my blender and smoothie containers and really clean out the rims and crevices, oh so well. I've also used them to clean my oven and ceramic cooktop, and regular dishes, plus any that have sat in the sink for part of the day where food has begun to harden or dry. Before, with my regular sponge, I knew it would be a pain to go over the surfaces a few times to loosen and properly clean those dishes. But, with the scrub square scrubby side, I just need one good pass and I'm done! My pots and pans are looking great, too, and with so much less effort. The softer side is great for cleaning in and around my sink, as well as, my glass cutting board. Plus, when slightly damp, it even helps pick up small crumbs on my counters and cooktop and clean my cooktop knobs, since these are the perfect size and shape. They clean up so well, and easily... there are many more things these can do, so just know it's a great investment and truly versatile product, if you're thinking about getting some. Not only did I try them and LOVE them, but I bought several more as gifts.

Kathy T
Too small for my liking

I like them, but I wish they were bigger. The 6x6 design feels awkward to me so I use the all purpose ones instead for clean ups.

Nancy Vogan

Scrub Square

scrub square

These are wonderful! I purchased a package for myself. Then I purchased more so I had 1 for every day of the week (like them fresh to keep my kitchen clean). This last group that I ordered are gifts to family and friends. I love these that much that I have become a scrub pusher.

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