Luxury Face Cloth 5-Pack

5-Pack of Premium Face Cloths

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We developed the Maker's Luxury Face Cloth to be an ultra-soft and gentle treat for your face, and a great way to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean each and every day.

Many face cloths are made from cotton or 100% polyester, both of which have their problems. Cotton is rough on the face and is prone to developing odors over time. While softer, a 100% polyester fabric is not particularly absorbent. With a unique blend of polyamide and polyester, the Maker's face cloth is ultra-soft on the face, super-absorbent, and does not hold on to odors.

  • Perfect for everyday cleansing, as a makeup remover, or for home skin treatments.
  • Great for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.
  • Double-sided: use the shorter weave to remove and cleanse, and the longer weave to rinse and dry.
  • Quick-drying & Odor-free!
  • 14" x 8'' at an ultra-plush 350 GSM.
  • Machine washable (replaces disposable cotton rounds and wipes)
  • Comes in a 5-Pack, color: Amethyst.

Daily Face Wash

1. Wet skin
2. Wet Luxury Face cloth thoroughly
3. Apply cleanser to face if applicable
4. Use short weave side to clean skin
5. Rinse cloth, wring well
6. Flip to long weave side, rinse and dry in one step

Makeup Removal

1. Wet skin
2. Wet Luxury Face cloth thoroughly
3. Apply cleanser to face
4. Use short weave side to clean skin and gently remove makeup
5. Rinse cloth, wring well
6. Flip to long weave side, rinse and dry in one step

Face Treatment

1. Wet skin
2. Carry out skincare treatment as directed by product
3. When done and ready to rinse, wet Luxury Face cloth thoroughly
4. Wipe face clean of product using short weave side
5. Rinse cloth, wring well
6. Rinse and dry in one step using long weave side

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Love these face cloths

I loce these face cloths. They are soft. Dry quickly. I use them for two days then into the laundry wash it goes. I LOVE the purple color! Happy colors bring joy to my routine cleaning and personal care. Thank you for attention to quality and detail.

Susan Hawthorne
So Soft

These face clothes are SO soft. They dry quickly. Love the purple color but perhaps a black cloth is in the future??

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, Susan! We will definitely add it to our 'to do' list :)

Keitha McKesson
Luxury face cloth

While I love the cloths I purchased for my cleaning business, I don’t love these like I was hoping. I even bought four others as gifts. Now I am wishing I had tried them first.
Here is why:
I don’t feel I can wash my face using them with very warm water, since it appears they are like the cleaning cloths and they need to be washed in cold water to keep the fibers from “melting”.
They also don’t seem to glide over my skin. They kind of stick.
I don’t use fabric softener, so that did not bother me at all. However, two of the people I gifted to said they did not like it that they could not use fabric softener in the wash. Sadly, I imagine they will probably not use them at all.

So sorry to give such an awful review. I would not buy these again.

Hi Keitha. We're so sorry to hear that the Luxury Face Cloths aren't as you had hoped. Please rest assured, using warm water to wash your face will not damage the cloths. If there's anything else we can help with, feel free to send us a note at Have a great day!

Tonia J. Veazey Cassetta
I don’t know what I’m to use them on?!?!

I’m sure I am going to like them, but I don’t know which ones I ordered. Why not print labeling and a how to instructions are what they are used for…..

Hi Tonia! It looks as though you purchased our Luxury Face Cloths. I'd be happy to help identify which cloths are used where as I see you received some of our cleaning cloths, too. Please send a note and photos to and I can assist!

Bernadine Haway
Great Face Cloth

I am impressed with how well this cleans my face. I used to have a Clarisonic face brush that I loved using, but can’t get replacement brushes anymore. But once I used this face cloth I would have to say it does a better job.

This is great to hear, Bernadine! The face cloths will do you proud, lasting hundreds of washes. Have a nice day :)

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