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As the owner of a professional home cleaning service our founder, Melissa Maker, is a huge proponent of taking advantage of savings whenever possible. There are a slew of DIY cleaners that function just as well as store-bought products for a fraction of the price when it comes to cleaning products. This e-cook contains 50 of our favorite DIY cleaning recipes designed to save you money while still providing quality results!

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Christy Bonagua
For a Cleaner and Healthier Home

I am aware of the health hazards of commercial cleaners. This has increased my confidence of making my home clean without the health risk. Also way less expensive than buying commercial ones. Thank you very much for sharing this! More success to you!

Andrea Barreiro
Diy cleaners

I really loved the guide for diy cleaners. They really do their job!. I'm not buying other products . I like being able to reduce amount of chemicals without losing cleaning power.

Joan Wright
This is fun!

Melissa Maker is my new favorite YouTube teacher! I love referring to her 50 DIY Cleaners E-Book for recipes. They work, and they are much safer than toxic cleaners.

Lisa Andersen

So much great information.

Erika T.
Easy Reference And Helpful Recipes

I purchased this a few days ago and am already in love. The recipes are easy to make, cheap, and effective. It gives you the full recipe, instructions on how to use it, and the tool most appropriate. I've made several of the ones included to deep clean a couple of rooms. I also appreciate the essential oil recommendations and the amount to use if choosing your own. It also offers a wide range of recipes, none of them overlapping.

This book is for you if you want an easy reference list of recipes, prefer DIY cleaners, find googling recipes to be overwhelming, maybe need a specific cleaner /now/ that you don't have on hand and would like to skip a trip to the store for a task, or want to control the scent (or lack thereof) in your cleaners.

Honestly, the only thing that would make this ebook better was if there was a list of every ingredient used throughout the book in the beginning, after the table of contents, and before the recipes. Although there are not many ingredients, I like to have a pantry/shopping list. You likely have most of them already. This is such a little thing, though. Still a five-star ebook.

By the way, if you own Melissa's 'Clean My Space' book, these recipes are different. Yes, even the all-purpose cleaner recipe is slightly different. I'd recommend this as a companion.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful review, Erika! We love your suggestion of adding a 'shopping list' to the beginning of the e-book and will work on getting that into future publications. We appreciate your support :)

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