Family Pack

20-Piece Microfiber Cloth Kit


This kit includes 20 of our premium microfiber cleaning cloths. Designed with the cleaning professional in mind, or for someone who just needs extra cloths for a particularly large space.

NEW FOR 2021: All of our general purpose cloths now feature a whopping 350 GSM  weight for the ultimate in absorbency.

This kit contains 20 premium microfiber cloths:

  • 4x General Purpose Cloth
  • 4x General Purpose Cloth
  • 4x Waffle Weave Cloth
  • 4x Glass & Electronics Cloth
  • 2x Maker's Mini
  • 2x Maker's Mini

The general purpose microfiber cleaning cloth is a 16”x16”, medium weight, cloth. Perfect for dusting, spot cleaning, tackling kitchen and bathroom counters, cabinets and appliance surfaces.

Includes: 8 cloths, 4x Amethyst & 4x Sapphire

The waffle weave microfiber cleaning cloth is an extra large 24"x36" ultra absorbent and fast drying cloth making it perfect for drying dishes, floors, hands, and cleaning up spills.

Includes: 4 cloths, color: Slate

The glass & electronics cleaning cloth featuring a 16”x16” flat-weave, cleans and polishes without streaking or scratching, perfect for cleaning cell phones, laptops, tv screens, eyeglasses, mirrors and windows.

Includes: 4 cloths, color: Matcha

The Maker's Mini is a small general purpose microfiber cleaning cloth. At 8" x 8" this medium weight cloth is the newest addition to our collection. The unique size makes it perfect for your purse, camera bag, glove box, or a diaper bag—perfect for parents on the go!

Includes: 4 cloths, 2x Amethyst & 2x Sapphire

Maker's Cleaning Cloths will be one of the very best cleaning tools you'll ever come across and can last for up to 500 washes if cared for properly.

  • Rinse cloths to remove debris and dirt before laundering
  • Separate cloths from other laundry items
  • Launder with cold water
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Don't use cloths to clean up grease, oil, wax, paint, or liquid silicone
  • Do not launder with bleach or fabric softener

For more information visit our Care Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Kiera Fox
Game changer!

I LOVE these cloths! They make cleaning so much easier! I do wish I had ordered just a few more than what comes in the family pack. We are a family of 7, so cleaning with these is a daily need! 😊 Thank you Melissa!!!

It sounds like you've got your cleaning work cut out for you, Kiera! Maybe we should introduce a jumbo family pack for those with 7+ people :P. Thank you for letting us help you stay on top of your cleaning game!

D. Watson
Family Pack - LOVE

I love Melissa's Maker's Clean towels!! I would love more package options and color selections. The product is fantastic and truly my favorite microfiber towels. Thank you for making them Melissa and maintaining consistent high quality!! These are the best microfiber towels I have used!!!!

Peter Haight
Get this if you want to clean faster!

This has save my business hours of time! Cutting the amount of wipes down by a large percentile!

Renee Craddock
Maker’s makes cleaning easier!

These microfiber cloths are everything Melissa says they are! Absorbent and streak free! Colorful as well. I will continue to purchase more to use for my cleaning business. I also purchased the mop, WOW!
Thankyou Maker’s❣️

Joyce Joyce
Absolutely the best microfiber cloths!!!

I bought these because I love Melissa's Youtube videos and I wanted the best. Well, that's what I got!!! These microfiber cloths are superior in every way. They are plush and big and superior quality of any cloths I have ever tried. These are the only ones I will ever buy and would be heartbroken if she ever stopped selling them. Buy these cloths and you will not be disappointed :)

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