Deluxe Home Cleaning Bundle

Bundled for Savings!

$79 $108

The whole home cleaning bundle combines our two best sellers—the Original Maker's Microfiber Cloth and the award-winning Maker's Mop. Featuring 5 premium general purpose microfiber cleaning cloths, 4 mop pads, and of course the mop itself, this bundle will cover all manner of cleaning tasks around the home!

The Deluxe Home Cleaning Bundle includes:

  • The Maker's Mop
  • 2x Everyday Microfiber Mop Pad

  • 2x Deep Clean Microfiber Mop Pad
  • 5x General Purpose Cloth (Cantaloupe)

Customer Reviews

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Everything works so well. Simplifies my cleaning routine significantly. Only one complaint: one of the Velcro pieces holding the cloth to the mop head came off after the first use. I used waterproof Gorilla Glue to re-attach it, and it works fine again. Doesn’t look as nice, as I used too much, and the glue seeped out the sides, but the mop is functional, so it’s fine.

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