Hand Towel 2-Pack


Our very popular waffle weave cleaning cloths have been making appearances as hand towels in homes across the world. So, we decided to take that knowledge and design a new towel specifically for that purpose!

These premium waffle weave hand towels are designed to be ultra-absorbent and dry super quick, meaning they don't smell. Stylish and functional, these compact towels are also perfect for a day at the gym or the yoga studio.


  • 2 x Hand Towel (32" x 20")

Customer Reviews

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Dorine McInerney (Santa Barbara, US)
Nice towel

It’s a little larger than most hand towels but looks and works great. I have one in my kitchen for drying hands and one in the guest bathroom. It would be nice to have it in white.

Stephanie Hutton (Somerset, US)

Hand Towel 2-Pack


I love all of my towels from here. Super absorbent and great size.

Amanda (Salem, US)
Amazing Towels!

Finally! A towel that actually absorbs water. I was so tired of towels that just roll water around instead of absorbing it. I have been on a hunt for good towels that work, and these are it. Work smarter not harder with these towels. Thank you so much.

vicki Butcher (Blackpool, GB)
these are brilliant

brilliant for the small toilet which has no ventalation, they actually dry despite there being little to no ventilation in that toilet due to where it was installed.