chad and melissa maker

We've been in the business of cleaning since 2006, and during this time we've tested almost every cleaning product and tool out there to find what truly works best. Our Toronto based home cleaning company, Clean My Space, has relied on microfiber cloths for superior and efficient cleaning results on all of our jobs since the very beginning. It's just a fact—cleaning with microfiber cloths is significantly easier, our results are better, and our staff spend less time cleaning. Anyone who's tried cleaning with microfiber has become convinced; it’s the best!

We also share our cleaning tips and tricks, along with the benefits of cleaning with microfiber, on our YouTube channel, Clean My Space, which boasts a community of 1,500,000 subscribers and counting.

Throughout the years, we've been lucky enough to connect with a commercial microfiber supplier that has provided us with top quality cloths not readily available to the public. This has been one of our clean, but “dirty”, little secrets! While we sold these cloths to clients in Toronto, we wanted to be able to share them with the rest of the world, too. Everyone deserves to have cleaning be this easy.

So, after years of requests to get our “secret” cloths, we decided to brand our own line of microfiber cloths, and Maker's Clean was born. We sold our first cloth in 2015 and have sold over 250,000 cloths and towels in the 5 years since inception.

Our cloths are named after one of our founders, Melissa Maker, who is also the host of the Clean My Space YouTube channel.

Making Microfiber Our Business

In order to find the very best in microfiber, we tested hundreds of cloths to find the ones that provided a truly superior clean. Like any product, no two cloths are created equal—so many microfiber cloths on the market are thin, small and inexpensively produced. We take pride in providing a higher quality microfiber that cannot be found anywhere else.

With over ten years of professional cleaning experience, we know a good cloth when we see one.  And when we see a great cloth, we put our name on it. The positive feedback and support that we've received over the years from our customers has been overwhelming. People absolutely adore cleaning with their Maker’s Clean microfiber cleaning cloths. We hope you do too.