The Maker's Mop Bundle

The Maker's Mop & 4 Microfiber Mop Pads

$49 $70

The Maker's Mop was designed for power and versatility. The 360° pivot head effectively traps dust and debris, while the unique curved shape allows you to focus pressure on the Precision Edge, meaning it easily tackles even the most stuck-on stains and messes. Featuring washable premium microfiber pads, the Maker's Mop is perfect for both dry and wet use, effectively replacing brooms, flathead mops, sponge mops, and spin mops.

Watch: How To Use The Maker's Mop

The Maker's Mop Bundle Includes:

1x Maker's Mop (Handle + Head)
2x Everyday Microfiber Mop Pad
2x Deep Clean Microfiber Mop Pad

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for wet and dry use
  • Includes 4 machine washable Mop Pads
  • Mop head is 12" in length
  • 360° Pivot head allows you to manoeuver in and around tight spaces
  • Swivel Lock allows you to quickly steady the head for tasks such as wall cleaning, window cleaning, low dusting, etc.
  • Telescopic handle, adjustable from 3' to 5', features a non-slip Wall Stop
  • Can be used without pads, simply attach a microfiber cloth to the 4 Cloth Catchers
  • Safe on all finished floors (unfinished floors may be water sensitive)

Suggested Uses

  • Dry Mopping / Sweeping Floors
  • Wet Mopping floors
  • Cleaning Walls & Baseboards
  • Cleaning Bathroom Wall Tiles & Glass
  • Scrubbing Stains & Spills
  • High & Low Dusting
  • Window Cleaning
  • Limited Mobility & Extended Reach Cleaning

Please note this product was not intended for commercial use.


The Maker's Mop comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, should you experience an issue during this period please contact support. If you've exceeded the warranty period contact us for further assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 552 reviews
Regina Frasier
I love this mop!

The shape is beneficial to cleaning the floor, walls and base boards. I like the two different types of microfiber cloths it came with. And the fact you can use any microfiber cloth on it as well is a bonus.
It gets into spaces so nicely. The previous mop I have is too big for small spaces.
I recommend it. It actually made cleaning the floors fun.

Jan Ruff
The Marvelous Makers Mop

I am so impressed with the quality and engineering of this mop. It is great for cleaning the shower walls, the house walls--and, of course, the floors. I am looking forward to spring so I can wash my windows since it has that great telescoping handle. I love that it stands up where you want to leave it because of the nonslip handle. I like that the handle is sturdy and and not a flimsy, thin plastic that bends with a little pressure. I'm impressed with the design of the head where in bends for cleaning crevices like baseboards, etc. This mop checks all the chores off my list. I almost forgot to mention the round "slots" on the mop head so a microfiber or terry cloth rag can be attached and used for quick cleanup of spills.

Dennis Bishop

Love the mop! It's perfect! Just like you are!
Thanks, DB

Linda Tinker

I spent, literally, a full working day watching your videos. I've cleaned out my cupboards of all the toxic stuff and now use your recipes! The mop ... amazing. I've used a microfiber mop for years and liked it fine; decided to try yours, and your microfiber cloths ... wow. Couldn't believe the difference! Thank you for everything you do -- especially the videos!

Laurel Krier
Too Expensive

I think e-cloths are much better. They are less expensive, each cloth is designed for specific things, etc.

Hi Laurel! Thank you for your feedback and we're sorry to hear you're not having a great experience. Our cloths are designed for specific uses, and we can definitely help you differentiate if you like. Please send us a note at so we can offer our help.

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