Waffle Weave Hair Towel Wrap

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We've been getting requests for a proper hair towel wrap for years (instead of folks having to re-purpose their waffle weave dish towel), and while the hair wrap isn't a new idea, we wanted to create a unique version to solve a big problem with other hair towels: frizz. With this in mind, we re-engineered our unique waffle weave, making the pocket slightly larger and the material a little less dense. This new luxe material is flat and absorbent, a rare combination that the hair-obsessed will attest to, prevents excess frizz and preserves natural waves and curls.

Our waffle weave hair wrap also, of course, helps to quickly absorb water, and cut your drying and styling time down to a minimum. It's the precursor to a perfect hair day, we know you'll agree.

  • Size: 26"
  • Color: Pebble

Customer Reviews

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Dries my hair quickly and the wrap dries quickly

Even better than the waffle weave towels

Before this towel wrap came out, I've been using the waffle weave towels which dried my hair faster than cotton towels.

Then I tried this hair towel wrap, and I was so surprised that it cut my drying time in half...! For some reason I find it absorbs even more water from my hair, and since it's a wrap, it can stay on my hair while I do my other skincare routine after I hop out of the shower. I personally noticed less frizz as well. FYI I have thin, soft, black East Asian hair. I highly recommend!

Gwen Smith
Best hair wrap

Your hair wraps are the hair wraps that I’ve tried and liked. It works the best at taking the heavy wetness away from my thick hair while keeping it tucked away. Very handy.

Frieda Fuchs

I used already the Kitchen towels, as Melissa showed in one of her videos. But on my thin hair, it slipped easily off.
With the new WAFFLE WEAVE HAIR TOWEL WRAP it is easy to wrap your hair in and you turn and fix it with a button and it stays nicely in place, even if I use it when I do my face Face routines in the morning and at night. It is so easy to put it on and off. I love it!