DUO Cloth (2-Pack)



Our unique double-sided cloth, the DUO cloth is the perfect utility cloth—it's oversized, thirsty, and ready for whatever cleaning challenge comes your way... one cloth does everything you need!

The DUO cloth features two unique sides—the first, an ultra-plush deep pile fabric designed to polish, buff, and absorb massive amounts of moisture; perfect for wiping down the car after a car wash, extreme spills, and for buffing surfaces to a polished finish (think: stainless steel sink!). The second side features our general-purpose weave, perfect for everyday dusting and cleaning jobs.

  • Oversized 16” x 24"
  • Double-sided: Ultra Plush Terry & General Purpose
  • Extra soft, thirsty, and shaggy
  • A whopping 520 gsm
  • *NEW* Features a convenient tear-away tag

Customer Reviews

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Love these, very thirsty


This one is my favorite one! So absorbent! I use it to dry off my faucets and counters in the bathroom.


I would like more color options and a softer cloth. They really course on the hands.

Impressed the Hubby!

These plush cloths are amongst my favorite from this line. I have several from the various kits I’ve ordered and they are so versatile. I have used them to dry my produce (in place of drying mats), to clean my car, inside and out, to clean floors, by placing over a mop head, to dust ceiling fans, and so much more! Recently, I just handed my husband a large, green breakfast smoothie, in his office, and he ended up accidentally spilling everything. There was a big green mess on the floor and under his chair, and even splashed back onto his hard-drive! He was so distraught, until I ran to my cleaning closet and introduced him to the solution. ;) The ultra-absorbent utility cloth, quickly AND easily, picked up every last drop and saved our floor and his valuable electronics. He was super impressed!! But, that’s just what you can expect from this superior line of products and OUR new, favorite must-have cloth.

Sonia Rodrigue
Duo Cloth 2 Pack, Mini Cloths, TV Screen Cloths, Car Cloth & Waffle Cloths

I purchased the color blue for my duo cloths and they are beautiful and clean very well. I followed the washing instructions before using the cloths for the first time, the color runs the first time I washed the cloths. The color also ran the second time I washed the cloths so it is **Important** to wash the similar colored cloths together to preserve their color and beauty!
I also purchased the mini cloths. I use them daily to wipe the bathrooms water splashes on the counter and I love them!
I love the TV screen cloth. It wipes any TV/computer screens and/or eye glasses perfectly!
The thicker car cloth works beautifully to wipe the glass shower doors and glass shower walls. The glass looks sparkling new after using this cloth!
The waffle cloths are the only one that did not win my heart. I use them in my kitchen and I feel that they do not absorb enough compare to the duo cloths.
OVERALL, Maker's Clean cloths are beautiful, make cleaning easier and therefore make cleaning more enjoyable! It is definitely a great change and add-on to my cleaning supplies that I just re organized for my house!
Thank you