Spray Bottles



We've been looking for spray bottles to bring to our customers for years, and we're happy to share we've found a couple we love. These functional bottles are perfectly sized for cleaning caddies, under the sink, or on your cleaning shelf. They're made from a premium quality plastic that is light, durable, and comfortable to use. Each spray bottle comes equipped with a high-quality spray nozzle that adjusts from mist to stream output. Pair these with your Maker's Mop, or take them to task with any of our cleaning cloths.

This product comes in 2 sizes:

  • 12 oz (350 ml)
  • 22 oz (650 ml)
  • Combo Pack contains 1 of each size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Monica B.
Strong and light

Never fail spray, adjustable and light weight. Love it!

Thanks Monica! We love the spray bottles too :)

Teresa Bridges
Absolutely The Best

After reading the reviews I had to purchase two spray bottles and yes they do work just as described but better. Better than the other retail stores I usually buy my spray bottles at. These spray bottles work the first time I sprayed them and the spay bottle continued to work until I finished my cleaning. I can't wait to use these spray bottles again. And I don't regret buying them. I may even buy two more just to keep on hand.

We're so glad to hear how happy you are Teresa. Thank you for your review :)


Only received one of the spray bottles, the small one


I love the difference in tbd size of bottles. I can’t wait to make DIY cleaner.

LaDawn McIntyre
The most Amazing thing happened.

I diluted some Odoban No-Rinse Floor cleaner in the large bottle. The goal was to pre-treat sticky stuff on the floor before running a Bissell Crosswave over it. I adjusted the spray type, and expecting nothing, pulled the trigger. The most amazing thing happened, it sprayed a beautifully even pattern of cleaner over the spot. I did not have to "prime" the bottle by pulling the trigger 40 times, nor did I have to endure squeeuee sounds on every spray. I did not have to attend physical therapy for hours of hand grip exercises to be strong enough for 10 sprays in a row. Cleaning liquid did not drip out of the spray end just to run down my arm and dribble off my elbow.

In my youth I would have said spray bottles are easy, you just grab at least 3 at Target to get one of them that will work for a few months, with at least one of the above annoyances. The other two are trash, this is simply the way of the spray bottle. Today I have been so surprised by the existence of a spray bottle that works that I might just need a lie-down.