microfiber polishing cloth

About The Cloth

The Maker's glass & electronics cloth is perfect for those delicate cleaning jobs.

These microfiber cloths are 16"x16", with a flat-weave finish, feeling similar to a thick cotton. The weave consists of an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide.

If you've ever noticed streaks or dust stuck on a glass surface after cleaning, that's because the cloth deposited lint as it was trying to clean it. These cloths won't do this, they're designed to clean without streaking or scratching.

When & Where To Use It

This cloth is terrific for cleaning and polishing glass, high-gloss lacquered furniture, stainless steel, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, polishing wine glasses and silverware.

Because of its low pile weave, this cloth won't cling on to debris which can cause scratching or spider-webbing on delicate surfaces. With this in mind it's perfect for cleaning windows and mirrors, flat-screen TVs, computer monitors, smartphones and tablets and jewelry.

This glass & electronics cloth can be used with a cleaning product which does not contain bleach, wax, polish or silicone. I use mine with my DIY glass cleaner or with just water itself.

Practical Applications


To clean electronic items, treat the cloth with water, spot clean and remove dust and prints as required. Remember, never spray directly on to an electronic device! 

Stemware & Silverware

For most other jobs, I just apply a bit of water to the cloth and polish the surface in question. Before we host guests, this cloth comes out to clean our silverware and glasses, it works like a charm!