waffle weave towel

The microfiber waffle weave cloth towel is perfect for speed drying anything! Really, it’s about the thirstiest towel you've ever seen.

About The Cloth

The Maker's waffle weave towels are 24"x36", feel flat and grooved to the touch - similar to super soft thermal undies. The weave consists of an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide.

These cloths are quite large, which is perfect for after dinner dish duty or quick spill clean up. They're thick enough to be highly absorbent, and they power through even the largest batch of dishes.

When & Where To Use It

These cloths are unbeatable for absorption and drying. As soon as you try one, you'll want to throw away your old dish towels and give up your costly paper towel habit.  

These cloths are low pile, meaning they won't cling onto debris and scratch a surface, but they will absorb moisture and polish a surface. If there's a spill in the house, this is the cloth to suck it up. In fact, it can absorb 8 times its weight in water, yet it's designed to be fast-drying. Awesome right?

The flat weave cloth wouldn't be harmed by any gentle cleaning products but due to its design and intended uses, it doesn't need to be used with any.  I would recommend to avoid using any polishes, bleach, wax or cleaning up grease with this cloth.

Practical Applications

Wherever you use these cloths, they are certain to leave floors, counters and other surfaces dry and with a streak-free and lint-free shine.


They are certain to leave dishes, floors, counters and other surfaces dry and with a streak-free and lint-free shine.

In The Kitchen

I love to sling one of these over my oven door to replace a hand towel, and lay one out on the counter for drying hand-washed items.

In The Bathroom

For drying large, wet surfaces like a tub, this is the cloth to use - it's large and absorbent so any wet surface will have a beautiful high-polish to it. 

Here is one of my favorite uses for this cloth: simply wrap your wet hair… cuts my blow drying time in half!