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While the middle of winter causes a flurry of emotions for my summer-loving personality, keeping on top of a clean home usually ensures that I don't wake up in a slump. This week, I've decided to focus on dusting, which, let's face it, is a cleaning task most of us find challenging to stay on top of.

Commonly used areas like the kitchen and bathroom get dusted without thought because these areas are wiped and vacuumed on the regular. But spots like blinds, door frames, or under the couch? It's been a while. So, while I tackle some dusting, here are three of my top dusting tips to save time and get the job done properly.

Always Use a DRY Cloth First

I think we all know by now that cleaning with the wrong tools will get you nowhere. My #1 tool for dusting is a good quality general purpose microfiber cloth—but the real key here is using it DRY first! As soon as you wet your cloth or surface, dust turns into a paste-like substance that you'll just smear around, and in the end, it becomes much more challenging to clean off. Using a dry microfiber cloth first will ensure that your dust sticks to the cloth (because who wants all that dust falling onto the floor), and if you need to follow it with a wet wipe afterward, feel free.

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Top to Bottom

When you embark on a dusting adventure, you always want to ensure that gravity is on your side. Starting at the top of a room or surface ensures that whatever might be falling off will indeed fall down. If you're dusting from the bottom up, you'll have bits and pieces that travel to your freshly cleaned surface—what a waste of time!

Vacuum Last

Once you've gone through your dusting routine, you'll need to clean whatever dust has settled on the ground. If you're using a high-quality microfiber cloth, you shouldn't be left with too much dust or debris on the ground, but it's still worth doing a quick once-over with your vacuum. Avoid sweeping, as it just shoots dust back into the air, which we obviously don't want after putting all this work in. Vacuuming ensures that all the leftover bits and pieces get efficiently removed from the areas you've just tackled.

So, there you have it. Three pro tips to help you level up your dusting game. Cleaning the right way the first time always leads to better results and saves you precious time.

February 06, 2024