woman spring cleaning window

Spring has (almost) sprung, and those overlooked places no one cared about in the depths of winter start to make their dirty little appearances when the sun shines through the windows. And, while we never look for an excuse to deep-clean our home, changing seasons is a perfect opportunity to get everything in order—whether we like it or not! So, to help you get a head start on spring cleaning, we wanted to share five spots in your home that may have taken a back seat over the winter but, with a little TLC, can make your home look and feel so much better!

Replace Your Furnace Filter

This one is the easiest to do, so we recommend carving out 30 mins THIS week and getting it done! Changing your furnace filter involves a trip to your local hardware store and then a simple switch when you get back home. You should change your filter four times a year (easy to remember, at the beginning of every season!), but every filter/home will have different needs based on use or conditions. Trust your instincts when it comes to this task—if you're a shedding pet owner or notice lots of dust accumulating in your home, you'll know to change your furnace filter more regularly.

Cupboards & Drawers

Kitchen cupboards and drawers are prone to grimy build-up, especially in the colder months when you're likely cooking indoors more often. Luckily, this task is relatively simple and provides instant gratification. Start by removing everything from one shelf or drawer, assessing if it needs to stay or go (expired/never going to use), and then wipe the empty interior down with some all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Make sure the surface is completely dry, and then replace your belongings.

Declutter The Entryway & Closet

Your front entryway and closet can become a dumping ground for shoes, boots, jackets, accessories, junk mail... the list goes on. As the Winter season comes to an end, it's time to get this space in working order for the spring. This means removing everything that is no longer seasonally appropriate, cleaning up all the salt and/or slush stains, and returning your space to a clean slate for the weather ahead. If you don't need the deep freeze-rated parka or boots anymore, put them into storage and keep one coat and a pair of lighter-weight boots for the remainder of the season.

Swap Out Seasonal Clothing

While we're on the topic of putting away your deep-freeze items, now would also be a good time to go through your bedroom closet and decide what you plan to swap out when the warmer weather arrives. If you have a handful of items that never got worn during the colder months, consider moving on from them—selling or donating them will save you space, declutter your space, and potentially bring you in a few dollars! If you'd like a more detailed breakdown of how our founder and cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, handles this seasonal swap, check out our closet changeover guide.

Clean Exterior Windows

Last but certainly not least, cleaning your exterior windows can make a world of difference in how *sparkly* your home will look this spring. Depending on the size of your home and the number of windows you have, this can be a daunting task that you may need to break up over a few days (or weekends). There are products you can buy to help out, like an extendable squeegee, but ultimately, you want to make sure that you're tackling this job in the safest way possible (please, don't stack two ladders on top of each other to reach your third story windows!!). If it's in the budget, calling in a local window cleaning company can be the easiest way to get this job done fast (and without incident).

And there you have it! Five pretty easy—and a couple more challenging—tasks to kickstart your 2024 spring cleaning! If you'd like a more in-depth walkthrough, we have a comprehensive spring cleaning guide, complete with checklists for each area in the home.