If you take good care of your Maker's Clean microfiber cloths, they can last for up to 500 washes! That’s years of cleaning with the same great-quality cloth. But, to preserve their life as long as possible, you need to wash microfiber the right way. If you have microfiber cloths or you’re considering buying microfiber cloths, you definitely want to read this.

how to wash microfiber

Generally speaking you should rinse your microfiber cloths in warm soapy water after each use if they've performed any significant cleaning task. Just quickly rinse, wring, and then let them hang dry. This prevents grease, grime, and stains from setting into the cloth, and it gets rid of any cleaning products, dirt, and/or debris your microfiber picked up along the way.

Should I Wash Microfiber Separately?

Yes! Microfiber should be done as a separate load of laundry and not washed with the general laundry population. Why? Microfiber is designed to pick up everything. This makes it great for cleaning, but if you launder microfiber with other items, the cotton and lint from your clothing and towels will get picked up by your microfiber cloths.

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I recommend a gentle, dye-free detergent for microfiber *as I do for evcerything), and never use fabric softener or bleach as it can (and will) ruin them.

Always wash microfiber in cold (or warm) water. Cold water works great and it’s a great energy saver. Plus, over time high heat will ruin the fibers of your microfiber cloths.

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Can You Hand Wash Microfiber?

Yes! You can absolutely hand wash your microfiber. If you don’t have a washer and dryer, or you just have a couple of dirty cloths and don’t want to run a cycle, hand washing is perfectly fine.

Wash them the same way you would wash your delicates. Fill a sink or basin with some tap cold (or warm) water, add a little detergent, work it in and let soak for a few minutes. Then, rinse really well until there is no soapy residue left behind.

In point of fact, I will often perform a quick hand wash on a lightly soiled cloth and then use it a couple more times before putting it in the laundry for a full wash.

How to Dry Microfiber Cloths

Hanging microfiber to dry is absolutely an option. I like to do this if I just have a few cloths I've hand washed. And to get them feeling fluffy again, just rub your microfiber cloths together to fluff them up.

The dryer is actually a better option for drying microfiber because it reintroduces static cling. Microfiber has by its design an electric charge that helps it pick up all those tiny pieces of dirt and bacteria, which inherently gives you a better clean. So if you want to “recharge” your microfiber, throw them in the dryer WITHOUT dryer balls or dryer sheets and on low/medium heat. Microfiber is made from ultra-fine polyester and polyamide and the fibers can actually fuse together in high heat so we advise not to dry them an anything more than a low or medium setting.

There you have it; washing microfiber is simple and easy. And if you wash your microfiber properly, it will last you for years!

June 03, 2022