Today we’re talking about microfiber and bacteria! Can microfiber help you beat bacteria (hint: yep!)? And do microfiber cloths hold onto bacteria after use (hint: nope!). But how does it all work? I’m going to walk you through all the dirty details of microfiber and bacteria. So, let’s learn all about how microfiber can remove dirt and bacteria from your space.

microfiber and bacteria

Microfiber Cloths and Bacteria

Good quality microfiber cloths (and let’s stress good quality here) are extremely effective at removing bacteria and viruses from surfaces. In fact, a UC Davis study showed that microfiber cloths can pick up to 99% of bacteria on surfaces compared to 30% with their cotton counterparts. This means that good quality microfiber cloths make cleaning easy and eliminates the need to clean with harsh chemicals.

Now, let's be specific here, microfiber doesn’t kill bacteria, fungi, and other microbes the way that chemical cleaners do. Instead, it actually picks them up with its unique woven strands. If you want more info about this, read our article, Why is a Microfiber Cloth So Good For Cleaning?

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Does Microfiber Hold Onto Bacteria?

Microfiber easily wipes up bacteria, but does the cloth stay dirty? No! To rid your microfiber of that bacteria, all you need to do is wash it properly. When it’s time to wash your microfiber, check out our video on How to Clean Microfiber Cloths.

Of course, before you have a chance to wash your microfiber, it can spread bacteria to other areas in your home, that’s why it’s a good idea to have at least four microfiber cloths on hand for cleaning.

You may also want to consider color coding them! That way, you can grab a clean microfiber cloth whenever you need, and you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination. At Maker’s Clean, we offer microfiber cloth bundles, so you can get everything you need for all the space in your home. Check out our Large Space Kit, and Small Space Kit, to name just a few.

When Not to Use Microfiber for Bacteria

Microfiber is amazing, but there are a few instances where you should stick with paper towel for cleaning. If someone in your household is sick, clean with paper towel. This is the safest way to keep everybody healthy and avoid spreading germs.

If you’re cleaning up after raw meat, stick with paper towel. Raw meat can contain salmonella, e.coli, and other bacterias you definitely don’t want.


June 01, 2022