Auto Detailing Kit



The auto detailing kit features a full spectrum of our microfiber towels, along with 2 spray bottles and a chenille microfiber wash mitt. This kit was put together specifically for car enthusiasts, or for those who like to deep clean their car, RV, or any other outdoor vehicle on a regular basis.

This Kit Includes:

All Cloths in Color: Charcoal

Customer Reviews

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Lori Filstrup

I never thought I’d get into “cleaning” my car, but you just can’t help it with this useful and aesthetic kit. The charcoal color is my favorite and makes getting the job done much more thorough and time-saving. Each cloth serves its purpose well, and I just grab a re-usable shopping bag and load all my cleaning supplies in there, with a separate bag for trash and go to town. Makes clean-up so easy and manageable. Oh, and the utility cloth is, especially, amazing for washing or drying inside and out (tried both!).
Thanks for this great set, and for your genius video tip about putting a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your car mats after cleaning them. So clever, and my car never looked or smelled better! :)

Beatrice Clodomir
Husband's Birthday Present

My husband loved it. He washes the cars. I bought 2 sets for his birthday. His friend took one. LOL

Michael Davis
Great products

Using the mitt as a duster as we cannot wash cars in the parking lot of my condo community, as a duster it's great, the large absorbing towel works well when I go to the car wash to dry the exterior of my truck, the best part is the dusting cloth for the interior of the truck and the large glass cloth, it does such a perfect job on the windows, inside and out, worth the price paid, as everything is from Maker, love this company.

Barbara Smith
OMG, the best microfiber cloths evet

I’ve been using Norwex cloths for years. I decided to try Makers brand and I was blown away. Never going back to the other brand. Also love the waffle kitchen cloth.


Makers Clean microfiber cloths are by far superior to anything available on the market. They are thicker, plushier and very luxurious

Thanks, Monika! It's great to hear that you're enjoying your cloths so much. Have a great day :)