Maker's Mini (2-pack & 5-pack)



These small general purpose microfiber cleaning cloths are the perfect addition to your whole home cleaning kit. Inspired by our founder, now a mom on the go, these little cloths are an offshoot of our famous Original Maker's Cleaning Cloth. At a quarter of the size, these fit perfectly in an office desk drawer, purse, backpack, glove box, or diaper bag. They may be small, but at a whopping 350 gsm, they pack a serious cleaning punch!

  • 8” x 8”
  • Soft and fluffy to the touch
  • Industry-leading 350 gsm

Note: The Multicolor 5-pack includes 1 each of our 2023 collection: Cranberry, Sunset, Paradise, Ocean, and Merlot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews

These towels fit in your hand for easy counter tops, sinks, or whatever works for you. I use blue in kitchen, and lilac for bathroom ♥️♥️

Tina Sesselmann
Greatest cloths ever

I've been using those mini cloths as my every day kitchen cloths (I'm not a sponge girl). They've been awesome for years. I'm still on my first bunch that I got over three years ago. I use and exchange them daily, launder them regularly, and they haven't develpoed a smell or anything. Hard recommend! Well worth the investment.

Karen Bruno
Little gems!

I would never be able to choose my favorite, I have every cleaning cloth that makers clean sells. But these little gems are simply amazing. Perfect size for quick clean ups and sturdy enough for any job. I just bought an additional two sets because I hate opening the drawer and it’s empty of these amazing towels. Get yourself some!

Perfect size for most jobs

Although I have the large size microfiber cloths for washing windows and the like, these smaller cloths are perfect for cleaning up small should, weeping down my countertops, washing dishes, and casual dusting. I use different colors for kitchen use, bathroom disinfecting, and light dusting so I don't cross-contaminate.

Beth Elliott
5-Pack Maker's Minis

I love these so much! Just the right size for my small hands, and they wash (separately, of course!), like a dream. I have ordered a Maker's Mop for an early birthday gift to myself. It has been sent, and I can't wait for it to arrive. Happy Birthday to me!! 😁