Optical Cloth

Premium Flat-Weave Microfiber Cloths


These pocket-sized microfiber cloths feature a flat-weave, meaning that they are perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces. These non-scratch cloths are ideal for cleaning glasses, sunglasses, and cell phone screens.

Product Details

  • 8”x8”
  • Features a flat-weave
  • Cleans without streaking or scratching surfaces
  • 280 gsm weight
Color: Matcha
  • Cleaning glasses and sunglass lenses
  • Cleaning camera lenses
  • Cleaning cell phone and/or tablet screens
  • Use dry or slightly dampened
  • Best used only with vinegar and/or water—can be used with other products, but to maintain a streak-free finish we recommend only water, vinegar, or no product at all.

Maker's Cleaning Cloths will be one of the very best cleaning tools you'll ever come across and can last for up to 500 washes if cared for properly.

  • Rinse cloths to remove debris and dirt before laundering
  • Separate cloths from other laundry items
  • Launder with cold water
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Don't use cloths to clean up grease, oil, wax, paint, or liquid silicone
  • Do not launder with bleach or fabric softener

For more information visit our Care Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Arlene Zamudio
Really clean glasses and more

Thes are the best size and thickness to clean my glasses. iPhone and more. Love them.


I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the cloths cleaning my sun glasses, but I am absolutely amazed at how good these small cloths work on not only my sunglasses but my cellphone. Thank you for this amazing product. Now I will have to buy every cloth you sell.

Thank YOU, Teresa, for taking a chance on us! We're so glad to hear you're loving your optical cloths as much as we do. We'll be waiting whenever you're ready to try something new :)

Kimberly DeGraff
Eyeglasses micro fiber cloth

I like how clean it makes my glasses without any chemicals

Thanks for the great feedback, Kimberly!

Roselyn Blassberger
Optical Cloths

Happy with small cloths for glasses and small areas, and larger for larger areas.

Thanks, Roselyn! We're happy to hear you're getting good use out of your new optical cloths.

Grizelda Sifuentes
Pure magic

Pleasantly surprised. I have several brands and this is my favorite. I wear sunglasses almost everyday I live in Southern California and as a bus operator sunglasses are part of my uniform. Will buy more so I can have one in my work bag, desk, car, purse etc

Thank you for your support, Grizelda. Our optical cloths are great to use 'on the go' so your idea of having one for every spot is exactly what we envisioned when creating them! I imagine your eyes are thanking you :)

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