Everyday Mop Pad

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A custom microfiber blend designed for everyday floor cleaning around your home, designed specifically to be used with The Maker's Mop. This pad is perfect for everyday floor cleaning around your home.

  • Machine washable
  • Suggested uses include: dry mopping, wet mopping, high dusting, low dusting, wall and baseboard cleaning.
  • Made with 58% recycled post-consumer polyester (Polyester 92%, and Nylon 8%)
  • Sold in packs of 2

Customer Reviews

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Jeanie Ketchum
Have not received it!

Have not received it.

Hi Jeanie.

We're sorry to hear that your package hasn't been received yet. Can you please send us a note at support@makersclean.com so we can help track it down for you?

Susan S
Great great great

I've had mine since the launch and absolutely love using these. The mop itself is sturdy for scrubbing and reaching high places. The mop heads are MUCH easier to apply and use over a previous mop system I owned. The pads did have a little "stank" a few times; the problem was easily resolved by making sure the pad was air dried by hanging and not kept on the mop until dry. Also, by adding white vinegar to the bleach and fabric softener compartments of the washing machine. So MUCH easier on my back and shoulders to use❤

YuJu Ti
The mop pad shrinks and smells after wash

I got the mop as soon as it was launched, about 15 months ago, and I have been using it weekly ever since. I wash the mop pad every time after use, and I use cold water and I put it in dryer with no heat. The pad shrinks after first wash. It still fits the mop head so I am OK with that, but after a few months the mop pad starts to have the sweaty smell that I can't get rid of. It still does the job so I will keep using it, but I am going to try sewing my own pad with different fabric after I worn out my current ones.

mary k jack
Everyday Mop Pad

The Maker's Mop and Mop Pads I purchased about a month ago has changed my attitude about mopping the floors. The Mop design makes it so easy to use and apply in several ways. The Mop Pads are high quality and will last a long time. I'm so happy to have retired my mop and bucket. This is a much easier and efficient way to clean your floors!

Catherine Rancatore

Who gets excited about mops? Me,! I even ordered one for a friend of mine, as an early Christmas gift.