Bath Towel



Our premium waffle weave bath towel is the ultimate go-to towel around the home. Its size makes it perfect for drying off after a shower or coming out of the pool. It also makes for a perfect towel for a toddler, giving them neck-to-ankle coverage.

These ultra-absorbent towels dry unbelievably fast to avoid any unpleasant "towel funk" odors. These towels are also super compact, folding up to less than half the size of a traditional cotton towel—meaning not only are they great for travel, but they're perfect for a day at the gym or the yoga studio.


  • 1 x Bath Towel (56" x 30")

Customer Reviews

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Jenni Wallace-Schaffer
Best towel I've EVER used! Seriously.

Love the feel of it, the size of it, the color of it, the fact it dries quickly, even folded in half over my towel rack. It is just a very, VERY wonderful addition to my bathroom!

the best

My wife and I love these towels. We are always checking to see if there is a special sale on them so we can add more. Thank you for all the hard work you all do in bringing us quality products.

Norma Lopez
I love my micro wash cloth they realy do the clean job more easy

Me and my husbend love our towels 😊

Bob McWilliams
Wow works differently

I expected a good bath towel, I was totally shocked that I don't need to rub anymore, just a quick pat and the area is dry. It's great for outdoor getting out of the spa as well. I'm getting more soon the whole family needs this towel.

We got rid of our old towels!

My husband doesn't care about "frivolous" things and certainly pays no attention to towel quality, as long as there's a dry one within reach after a shower... but now THESE are the ones that he consistently goes for! My kid also loves these because he's drier afterwards and doesn't feel as cold coming out of a shower. And I love them because they take up less space in the linen closet. Win-win-win! In fact, we ordered another set of these and recycled all our old towels.