Deep Clean Mop Pad

2-Pack Microfiber Mop Pads


A heavy-duty microfiber weave featuring a zig-zag of scouring bristles for extra deep cleaning power, designed specifically to be used with The Maker's Mop. This pad is perfect for those tougher floor cleaning tasks around the home.

  • Machine washable
  • Suggested uses include: wet mopping dirty floors, scrubbing tough stuck-on messes, glass shower and tile scrubbing.
  • Made with 36% recycled post-consumer polyester (Polyester 74% Polypropylene 15% and Nylon 11%)
  • Sold in packs of 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kathleen Lusher

Deep Clean Mop Pad

Lynda Smith
Really clean floors

I put several mop pads into a bucket of Lysol and water. Afer I have used one pad on both sides, I set it aside and use another pad from the bucket of clean water and Lysol and so on until the entire floor has been scrubbed. The water and Lysol in the bucket stay clean because I never put a dirty used pad in it. And, when I switch pads, I am always using a clean pad--that has two sides on it to use. This technique beats watching the wash water turn dirty as you rinse out a mop that has been used on a dirty floor, and then use that dirty mop on the rest of your floors. You cannot find a better system for assuring that your floors are clean.
Also, for scrubbing my floors, I always use the heavy duty scrub pads.
Finally, the mop is lightweight and easy to use, and the mop head swivels effortlessly into the corners of any room. Can't be beat!

Elizabeth Foley kelly
Cleaning mop

I have this mop and love how easy it is to change pads while using it . It does clean the floor well and I reordered 2 more pads to make it easy to change out and wash them all together

This sounds like a great plan, Elizabeth. Thank you for your support!

Melissa westerlund
Great mop head

I have recently started my own cleaning business and I love this mop head. Especially in the kitchen on sticky spills on the floor .

This is so great to hear, Melissa!

Jamie Lora
Best mop head

I just opened up my own cleaning business and I ONLY have been using the Deep Mop Pads!
I absolutely love them, gentle enough for all floor types but also amazing for tough on stains ! I’m glad I found them.

Hi Jamie. This is so wonderful to hear! Congratulations on your new business - we wish you much success. Happy mopping :)

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