Waffle Weave Cloth

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Color: Slate

Our MOST POPULAR cloth. These ultra-absorbent waffle weave dish towels are soft and grooved to the touch, perfect for drying dishes (and your hands). Oh, and for the ladies out there, they also make great hair turbans! We’ve made them extra large so they can work overtime for you.

  • Ultra absorbent featuring our famous waffle weave
  • Fast drying so they don't gather bacteria and smell
  • Extra Large at 24"x36" (320 gsm)
  • The perfect all-purpose kitchen towel!
  • Fast drying of dishes, surfaces, hands and floors
  • Use post-shower as a hair turban!
  • Dry vegetables before roasting (without going through several paper towels)

Maker's Cleaning Cloths will be one of the very best cleaning tools you'll ever come across and can last for up to 500 washes if cared for properly.

  • Rinse cloths to remove debris and dirt before laundering
  • Separate cloths from other laundry items
  • Launder with cold water
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Don't use cloths to clean up grease, oil, wax, paint, or liquid silicone
  • Do not launder with bleach or fabric softener

For more information visit our Care Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Shoshana Capland weinstein
Happy customer

I’ve been using these cloths for years. Just bought the newest ones in pretty blue color. My old grey ones still work great. I’ve given many away. Love them.
Thanks for providing such an efficient product.

Brooke K
Love It

Very effective at drying but don't store it nearby the stove so an unsuspecting family member attempts to clean a stovetop burner with it! It isn't as heat resistant as cotton and my poor cloth has a hole!

Crystal Peoples
Waffle weave

Love this cloth. It’s huge and gets the job done when wiping up water and drying down. This was a great investment.

Leah P
My New Face Towel

Super absorbent. Use it to dry face after washing and wipe up sink splashes.

Catherine Le
Great size & versatile

I bought 8! They’re perfect for what they’re intended & suggested on the Clean My Space channel. They’re getting used as drying mats for dishes, pots & pans, toys, really anything. Can be used for clean up as well. They’re everything as advertised & I’m so pleased. I absolutely enjoy using these waffle weave cloths every day!

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