Luxury Face Cloth (5-Pack)

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We developed the Maker's Luxury Face Cloth to be an ultra-soft and gentle treat for your face, and a great way to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean each and every day.

Many face cloths are made from cotton or 100% polyester, both of which have their problems. Cotton is rough on the face and is prone to developing odors over time. While softer, a 100% polyester fabric is not particularly absorbent. With a unique blend of polyamide and polyester, the Maker's face cloth is ultra-soft on the face, super-absorbent, and does not hold on to odors.

  • Perfect for everyday cleansing, as a makeup remover, or for home skin treatments.
  • Great for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.
  • Double-sided: use the shorter weave to remove and cleanse, and the longer weave to rinse and dry.
  • Quick-drying & Odor-free!
  • 14" x 8'' at an ultra-plush 350 GSM.
  • Machine washable (replaces disposable cotton rounds and wipes)
  • Comes in a 5-Pack, color: Amethyst.
Suggested Uses

Our luxury face cloth is the perfect addition to your self care routine! 

Use for cleansing, removing makeup, and for cleaning the most sensitive skin (baby and kid friendly too!).

Safe to use with scrubs, cleansers, masks, makeup, and other self care face products.

Care Tips
  • Rinse cloth well, and hang to dry after each use to combat odors.
  • Wash in cold water with a premium laundry detergent. Stay away from fabric softener, chlorine bleach and dryer sheets. Tumble dry on low heat for best results.

For more information visit our care guide.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely Color

The quality of the face Cloth is top notch and I love the color! I’m glad it has a label on it so I can hang it up to dry. It is rather heavy when wet, so it takes longer to dry. Improvements I would make it lighter weight and not so wide. It’s a good length as it allows one to drape it over a towel rod, without it falling off.

Linda Ricchiuto

I rally like the face cloths, nice size and very soft.

We're so glad to hear this Linda! Thanks for your feedback.

Bri Y
Best face cloths ever!

These are the softest and best towels for face💜

Thanks for your review!


Loved them

Debbie L.

This is the most luxurious face cloth I have ever used. Easily removes make up and dries quickly. So happy I ordered these towels.

We're so happy you ordered them too Debbie!! Thank you for the feedback.