The Maker's Mop Bundle

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The Maker's Mop was designed for power and versatility. The 360° pivot head effectively traps dust and debris, while the unique curved shape allows you to focus pressure on the Precision Edge, meaning it easily tackles even the most stuck-on stains and messes. Featuring washable premium microfiber pads, the Maker's Mop is perfect for both dry and wet use, effectively replacing brooms, flathead mops, sponge mops, and spin mops.

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The Maker's Mop Bundle Includes:

1x Maker's Mop (Handle + Head)
2x Everyday Microfiber Mop Pad
2x Deep Clean Microfiber Mop Pad

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for wet and dry use
  • Includes 4 machine washable Mop Pads
  • Mop head is 12" in length
  • 360° Pivot head allows you to manoeuver in and around tight spaces
  • Swivel Lock allows you to quickly steady the head for tasks such as wall cleaning, window cleaning, low dusting, etc.
  • Telescopic handle, adjustable from 3' to 5', features a non-slip Wall Stop
  • Can be used without pads, simply attach a microfiber cloth to the 4 Cloth Catchers
  • Safe on all finished floors (unfinished floors may be water sensitive)
  • Dry Mopping / Sweeping Floors
  • Wet Mopping floors
  • Cleaning Walls & Baseboards
  • Cleaning Bathroom Wall Tiles & Glass
  • Scrubbing Stains & Spills
  • High & Low Dusting
  • Window Cleaning
  • Limited Mobility & Extended Reach Cleaning

Customer Reviews

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The Maker's Mop Bundle

Well made and designed.

Impressed with the quality and design of the makers cleaning products. Enjoying the ease of cleanup with the mop. I’ll be back for more.

I had ordered two for Christmas as I have two daughters. Only one came.

I ordered the Maker's mop right after it came out and it is my favorite mop, duster, you name it, of all times. I wanted to give one to each of my two daughters. My youngest daughter is using hers and loves it. I'm still waiting for the other. Did it get lost?

The Maker's Mop Bundle

Everything is great as far as the products; however, the shipping box was damaged. There was a large hole in the box.

Telescoping is a game changer!

So I was very pleased with myself when I put a maker's cleaning cloth on the end (like Melissa always says to do). But as I tested out all it's features, I found the telescoping feature let me clean the hardest high places! I cleaned the corner behind the TV by using the telescoping handle!

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