Whole Home Cleaning Bundle

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$99 $132

The whole home cleaning bundle combines our two best sellers—the Large Space microfiber cloth cleaning kit, and the award-winning Maker's Mop. Featuring 10 premium microfiber cleaning cloths, 4 mop pads, and of course the mop itself, this bundle will cover all manner of cleaning tasks around the home.

The Whole Home Cleaning Bundle includes:

  • The Maker's Mop
  • 2x Everyday Microfiber Mop Pad

  • 2x Deep Clean Microfiber Mop Pad
  • 2x General Purpose Cloth (Sapphire)
  • 2x General Purpose Cloth (Amethyst)
  • 2x Waffle Weave Cloth (Slate)
  • 2x Glass & Electronics Cloth (Matcha)
  • 1x Maker's Mini (Sapphire)
  • 1x Maker's Mini (Amethyst)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Susi Pennington
First time using microfiber

I am always looking for great ways to clean. I have heard of microfiber and tried using it before. My biggest problem was no absorbency and everything sticks to it in the washer.

Before buying the products, I watched the how to take care and why to use videos. They were great and I took a chance again.
Every item used has been way better than I imagined and exactly as described. I have been extremely pleased and awed by such carefully thought out products. Thank you!

This is so great to hear, Susi!! Enjoy your new cloths :)

Kim Carlson
I like the mop for my ceiling

I like all the microfiber cloths, and I like having them in various places in the house. But I especially like the mop for cleaning my ceiling, particularly in the bathroom where it gets wet so often. It’s nice to keep it clean without a major production, ladder, etc. Just extend the mop handle and it’s easy to reach.

We love to hear about these different uses, Kim! Thanks so much for sharing. Your ceiling will thank you for getting rid of that excess moisture.

Autumn Myst


:) :)

Allison O.
Best $100 I’ve ever spent

I have two norwex towels that I love and wanted more but they’re insanely expensive. One day I mentioned this to a friend and she recommended this brand. I now prefer these to my norwex towels and they’re a fraction of the price!

I love using the towels plus the mop to try and keep as much dog hair off the floor as possible (harder to do than you’d think!) I keep a few of these towels everywhere, bathrooms, kitchen, living room. A quick wipe down and it looks like I scrubbed for 30 minutes. These are my favorite cleaning supplies—-which I never thought I’d even have a favorite cleaning supply, but there you go.

The bonus of not always needs a disposable towel or swiffer cloth plus not always needing a cleaning spray makes these towels great for the environment without giving up efficacy.

Buy this kit. You will thank me for all the time you save!! (Well. You’ll thank makers clean technically)

Allison, we're blown away by your kind words. They are so appreciated! We're thankful for your support and are so glad you're loving our products as much as we do. Keeping a few cloths around the house is such a great way to stay on top of mess and ensure your home stays sparkling at all times. Keep up the great work, we're honoured to be your favourite!

Jacquelyn Henrie
It's the best

Makes life a lot easier

This made our day! Thank you for your support, Jacquelyn :)

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