The Kitchen Cleaning Kit



The kitchen cleaning kit contains seven (7) premium cleaning cloths—perfect for taking care of the everyday challenges that come along with maintaining a clean kitchen.

Waffle Weave Cloth (Glacier): Our famous oversized waffle weave cloth serves multiple purposes—perfect for drying dishes and wiping up spills, but is also a great hand towel. Size: 24" x 36".

The Original Maker's Cleaning Cloth (Ocean): This general purpose cloth is perfect for cleaning all your kitchen surfaces, think: sinks, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Size: 16" x 16".

Scrub Square: These are a sustainable solution to traditional disposable sponges. The double-sided cleaning pads feature a smooth checkered side for wiping, and a scrubbing side for cleaning pots, pans, and dishes. Size: 6" x 6".

The Kitchen Cleaning Kit includes 7 cloths:

  • 2x The Original Maker's Cleaning Cloth (Ocean)
  • 2x Waffle Weave Cloth (Glacier)
  • 3x Scrub Square

Customer Reviews

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Everything I Needed

I'm planning to use these pretty much forever. I am especially smitten with the big waffle weave towel which I am using exclusively to dry dishes. No lint, no dusty bits, and they dry quickly.

Amanda Pointon

The Makers clean cleaning cloths are incredible. They are well worth the price. The scrubbing squares are the best dish cleaning product I have ever bought. The best part is the are reusable so they are better for Mother Earth. 🌍

C. Reader
Dish towels are absorbent

I’m happy with the towels. Quality good.

Tom Ahern
Great products

I ordered a number of cleaning items. So far all have been great! I was way overdo for some new microfiber towels… what a difference from the old, tattered, worn microfiber. And the washable scrubbie squares are awesome too. No more dirty sponges in this house. You even sold me on a Dyson outsize +…another great product in my cleaning arsenal. I’ll definitely be back for more. It’s great to support small business. I wish you great success! By the way, I love the YouTube videos. I’ve learned a ton! Keep those coming!!

Cindy Roszell

The large blue waffle towel works great but I would prefer a smaller version also