General Purpose Microfiber Cloth

Since there are several types of microfiber cloths, it's important that you select the right one for the job at hand. For those 'everyday' cleaning jobs the general purpose cloth is a perfect fit.

About the Cloth

Our general purpose Maker's Cleaning Cloths are 16"x16", feel super fluffy and soft, and look similar to a face cloth. The weave consists of an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide.

This cloth has a medium pile which truly makes it all purpose; it wouldn't be your choice buffing cloth (high pile) and it wouldn't be your choice glass cloth (low/no pile) but it serves everything in between.

These cloths are heavy enough for general purpose cleaning, but not excessively weighty, we leave that to the Ultra Plush cloth! This cloth is also highly absorbent - it can hold up to 8 times its weight in water, so you can clean a lot more without having to rinse and wring.

Where To Use It

You want to use this cloth for general household cleaning tasks like dusting, daily kitchen cleaning and spot cleaning. It's safe for use on most surfaces except for glass, electronics or lacquered finishes because the cloth can cling on to debris which can scratch these delicate surfaces.

I use these to dust and clean my wood, leather, chrome, laminate, natural stone, stainless steel and porcelain surfaces. You can even use these at the bottom of a flat-head mop for floor maintenance!

What To Use It With

The general purpose microfiber cloth can be used with cleaning products which do not contain bleach, wax, polish or silicone. I often use mine with several of my DIY recipes including my homemade all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, or even plain old vinegar and water.

Practical Applications

For general jobs like wiping a table after dinner spray the surface with your product of choice and wipe the surface using an 'S' pattern until it's clean and dry.

Spot Cleaning

For spot cleaning, lightly spray the cloth with your product of choice - just one spray will do - and then clean the area. If you encounter a stubborn spot, pre-treat the area and allow it to sit for a few moments. Then, wipe the surface with one swipe of the cloth. 

A Saucy Mess!

For a messier task, such as an exploded pot of tomato sauce, dunk the cloth in warm soapy water, wring it out well, and then wipe the area until the debris has been removed. Rinse the cloth between passes to keep from re-depositing dirt and debris.  Finally, use a buffing cloth to dry the surface.

Dusting & Polishing

For dusting and polishing furniture, spray the cloth 3 times with water, or the product of your choice, using the 'mist' setting. If you're looking to disinfect a surface, you can spray the disinfectant on and leave it to sit for about 5-10 minutes,  and then wipe-shine to dry.