Maker's Mini (2-pack & 5-pack)

Color: Merlot

These small general purpose microfiber cleaning cloths are the perfect addition to your whole home cleaning kit. Inspired by our founder, now a mom on the go, these little cloths are an offshoot of our famous Original Maker's Cleaning Cloth. At a quarter of the size, these fit perfectly in an office desk drawer, purse, backpack, glove box, or diaper bag. They may be small, but at a whopping 350 gsm, they pack a serious cleaning punch!

  • 8” x 8”
  • Soft and fluffy to the touch
  • Industry-leading 350 gsm

Note: The Multicolor 5-pack includes 1 each of our 2023 collection: Cranberry, Sunset, Paradise, Ocean, and Merlot.

  • Portable spots (purses, camera bag, glove box, diaper bag)
  • Kitchen surfaces (counters, cabinets, appliances)
  • Dusting & spot cleaning
  • Cleans wood, leather, chrome, laminate, natural stone, stainless steel, and porcelain surfaces
  • Avoid using on: glass, electronics and lacquered finishes (we have another cloth for this!)
  • Use with vinegar, water, soap or other cleaning products that do NOT contain bleach, wax, polish, oil or silicone.

Maker's Cleaning Cloths will be one of the very best cleaning tools you'll ever come across and can last for up to 500 washes if cared for properly.

  • Rinse cloths to remove debris and dirt before laundering
  • Separate cloths from other laundry items
  • Launder with cold water
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Don't use cloths to clean up grease, oil, wax, paint, or liquid silicone
  • Do not launder with bleach or fabric softener

For more information visit our Care Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews

I love these more than the luxury face cloths for makeup removal. These do the job without being too drippy and hold onto cleansing product well and are still gentle.

Lori Filstrup
Five-Star Product!

I ordered these in different colors and the first thing I did when they arrived was to put one in each of my bathrooms and the kitchen. I just knew these would be so great, and they didn't disappoint. There are too many jobs around a home that really need this size of cloth, so hats off for this much needed and appreciated offering! I love cleaning counters and mirrors and wiping up my sink and any spills with them. They've been really helpful for drying various items and keeping fixtures looking shiny and polished. I also clean my stainless fridge (inside and out) and am able to get to the harder to reach areas with this smaller cloth, as they have the same durability as the larger ones (that I also use and love). I have these in a few different colors, and like other reviewers have mentioned, do hope to see them in the charcoal color one day. I would buy them up, even though I already have several! Just really loving these and having something that makes daily cleaning or touch-ups so convenient and less dreaded...a true winner in my book.

Riana Starks
Maker's Mini Order Review

Hi Maker's Clean,
Thank you for the Maker's Mini cleaning cloths! Your email reminded me that I need to mention that while I ordered two 2-packs of lavender Mini cloths, I received three 2-packs. I still have the third 2-pack; it's unopened. I've used the other Maker's Mini cloths and I like them! They were described as 8" by 8" on the website during my purchase, but "in the flesh" they seem more like 7.25" by 7.25" to me...they certainly are mini! But I really like the weave and thickness; they are absorbent and seem thick when held up to a light source. I also like that the tag is made of silk instead of laminated paper or something. Thank you!

brenda sanchez

I ordered the mini microfiber cloths. I like the size, it’s a good product. The only hesitation I have regarding future orders is the shipping fees charged, they really add to the cost of the product.

Bekah Burkey

These are wonderful little cloths. I use them to clean the counters in the kitchen and bathroom and they are the perfect size. They are great quality as well and have been holding up really well. I don’t think I will personally buy the bigger ones because I love the size and convenience of these small cloths for my small house.

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